Course Management (Moodle)

Course Management (Moodle)

Many Colgate faculty and students already use Moodle to support coursework, and they value its capacity for sharing course materials, linking to key course documents, and generally providing a common space for shared access. In a partial or fully remote context, the use of technology like Moodle takes on increased importance for creating a web-based home for your course. With thoughtful course planning and design, Moodle can be used to provide a structured and organized space that can facilitate student access to course materials, the instructor and other students. Moodle also provides an integrated set of tools that can support communication, discussions, and managing assignments.

Why Use Moodle?

  • Create a well-designed and organized web-based home for your courses.
  • Provide students with a consistent course structure that helps them navigate through course topics or modules.
  • Easily link to course learning resources, readings and activities
  • Create and manage assignments using the Moodle Assignment feature
  • Facilitate online discussions that focus on course topics or an open Q&A forum for students, among others.
  • Add interactivity to your Moodle site using H5P
  • Faculty and students who use Google Docs may find the Google Assignment tool that is integrated in Moodle to be useful. Instructors can collect assignments created or saved on Colgate Google Drive accounts via Moodle. Students can upload any file type saved on their Colgate Google Drive.
  • Instructors can create low-stakes quizzes with multiple question formats using Moodle Quizzes. This can be useful for knowledge checks and formative feedback, but not ideal for administering exams online.


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