Similar to hardware-based “clickers” that are used by some Colgate faculty members, PollEverywhere is a web-based audience response technology that allows instructors to pose questions to collect real-time feedback and to enhance learner engagement in class. PollEverywhere can be used to embed interactive activities and questions in slide presentations and during lectures for checking understanding. When the instructor starts a poll (question), students may respond online from a computer, smartphone, or via SMS texting. Responses are collected and can be displayed in real time. Individuals can request a licensed PollEverywhere account by emailing itshelp@colgate.edu

Why Use PollEverywhere?

PollEverywhere can be used remotely to support students’ engagement during face-to-face and synchronous online class sessions. Collected responses allow teachers to make “on-the-fly” instructional choices to lead students in discussion, encourage discussion in small groups, and clarify student understanding.

Sample Uses

  • Encourage participation that includes perspectives from all students.
  • Check for student understanding during class.
  • Facilitate peer instruction.
  • Use prompts that promote discussion and collaboration among students.
  • Enhance active student engagement during a lecture.
  • Make student thinking visible in real time during a class session and adapt instruction as needed.


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