Video Conferencing (Zoom)

Video Conferencing (Zoom)

Zoom is a web-based platform for audio / video conferencing that provides synchronous communication for groups. The integrated platform also allows for screen / content sharing, presentations, chat, break-out rooms, and polling, that can be accessed across mobile devices, desktops, and smartphones. Zoom sessions can also be recorded and shared for later viewing. All Colgate faculty, staff and students are provided access to Zoom ( Colgate ITS fully supports Zoom and is constantly monitoring changes to Zoom’s security.

Why Use Zoom?

During the transition to emergency remote instruction in Spring 2020, Colgate faculty, staff and students used Zoom widely to facilitate class sessions, conduct meetings and stay connected. When in-person meetings are not possible, Zoom continues to be an important means for connecting virtually. Faculty and students have reported that using Zoom to support synchronous course related activities can be beneficial. At the same time, there have also been concerns expressed about an over reliance on the platform, and the exhaustion that can result from constant engagement in virtual settings. Interacting through web-conferencing platforms like Zoom is something that Colgate faculty and students continue to learn about, and finding a meaningful balance between synchronous and asynchronous interactions remains an important consideration as you plan for remote instruction.

Sample Uses

  • Facilitate synchronous (real-time) class meetings or 
  • Schedule and conduct virtual office hours with students
  • Conduct presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides or display other information from your screen to your participants through the screen sharing feature
  • Create small discussion groups during meetings using the “breakout rooms” feature
  • Record a Zoom meeting to your local computer so that you can upload it to Moodle or other platforms for individuals to view on demand


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