Lorna Kearns – Assessment for Learning in the Online Classroom

On July 16, 2020, Lorna Kearns, Senior Consultant for Next Generating Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, facilitated a talk at Colgate University entitled, Assessment for Learning in the Online Classroom. An abstract of the session, a video recording of the talk, and additional resources are available below:

Session Abstract

Teaching online presents challenges as well as opportunities for instructors to know their students and assess their learning. On one hand, the physical distance separating students and instructors precludes many of the social cues and interactions we expect in a classroom setting. On the other, the communication tools and learning technologies we use in the online environment provide multiple opportunities for students to practice their developing skills and to participate productively in a classroom learning community. In this session, we will review evidence-based assessment strategies for online teaching and share our own best practices with one another.

Session Recording

Assessment for Learning in the Online Classroom (Colgate login required).

Suggested Readings

Kearns, L. R. (2012). Student assessment in online learning: Challenges and effective practices. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 8(3), 198.