“Liberating Structures” for Zoom Class Meetings

All courses are about to shift to fully remote instruction after the Thanksgiving break, meaning more synchronous class sessions. Many faculty and students may be feeling “zoomed out” and yearning for ways to re-energize Zoom meetings as we near the end of the semester.

An upcoming workshop will explore new ways to facilitate synchronous class meetings in Zoom using Liberating Structures, a set of formats for designing discussions and group work. Liberating Structures aim to decenter meetings from the “host” who has the Zoom controls by redistributing spaces and places for participation inside of a Zoom meeting. Liberating Structures can foster inclusion by empowering students to express their views and also build connections between meeting participants in energizing and equitable ways.

Workshop participants will experience a few different Liberating Structures and reflect together on how they can be adapted for various instructional uses (e.g. for formative assessment, peer-review, generating ideas, building community). By experiencing the use of Liberating Structures in Zoom, faculty may begin to reimagine Zoom as a space that can foster connection, engagement and reflection during these turbulent times.

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