Mid-Term Feedback on Learning

Post contributed from the Center for Learning, Teaching & Research

Gathering feedback from students about how a course is going during the middle of the semester is always a good idea, and that will be more true than ever this fall. Providing students with the opportunity to reflect on how they are learning, share ideas on possible course adjustments that might enhance learning, as well as thoughts about engagement with peers, can all yield valuable insights. The CLTR has partnered with faculty in the past to facilitate a mid-semester feedback process called the small group instructional diagnosis. We have created an alternative version of this process, by developing a feedback form that faculty can make a copy of and distribute to students to encourage reflection on learning, and gather additional feedback about student experiences in the course. The form consists of three sections that gather feedback on 1) self-reflection on individual learning, 2) the course & teaching practices, and 3) peer interactions. Interested faculty members are welcome to make a copy of the form that is linked below, edit it to suit their needs, and distribute to students in their courses. (Select “Make a copy” from the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the form, and save to your Google Drive). CLTR staff are also available to consult with faculty members about the results of mid-term feedback they collect. Please reach out to cltr@colgate.edu if you have any questions about using the form.

Mid-Term Learning Reflection & Feedback Form