Making Remote Class Sessions More Accessible

Fully remote and hybrid class environments can certainly present challenges in terms of clear communication and interactions. is a voice transcription technology that integrates with Zoom, and generates a live transcript, as well as an audio recording and a text-based transcript that can be accessed after the session. Providing a transcript – during and after – a Zoom meeting or class session can offer learning support for students as well as make the session more generally accessible. A few potential advantages of using with Zoom include the following:

  • Learning support for Non-native English speakers who benefit from text translations of spoken conversations.
  • Additional support for students with hearing impairments, as well as remote students who may not be physically present during an in-person class.
  • The ability to review the saved transcript after the class meeting, search for keywords and replay or re-read the conversation about that topic.
  • A highlight feature that allows students to identify important sections of the transcript, and extract those highlights to further develop class meeting notes.

Faculty members can request an account by emailing  The Help Center offers videos and articles to help you get started, and ITS offers a 30-minute workshop covering features and academic uses.